MINI Cooper for the Gamer

MINI Cooper for the Gamer

For those who can’t drive their MINI Cooper Enough!

MINI Cooper Wi Fi AwesomenessI ran across this article about a hobbyist, Blair Kelly, who took a remote controlled MINI Cooper (total props for selecting our favorite car) and placed a metric $#!^-Load of cameras all over the little thing.

Then, he allows a person to control this incredible little vehicle either via a XBOX 360 (preferred) or PS3 pad.  The system supports feedback if you use a more sophisticated controller by Logitech (G27 or F510).

Since it has a significant amount of cameras, you can actually change the view to look out the sides of the car.

Luke Plunkett (the original author of the vehicle article you can read here) goes on to suggest that instead of looking out and seeing an Austin Martin you might pass by in a video game, “you can watch as you whizz past….your cat”.

I, for one, would LOVE seeing a cats reaction to that.

Blair goes on to show the video from INSIDE the car at the beginning of the video, and then goes on to explain at length how he hooked this up.

I want one!

(UPDATE: ┬áHere is Blair Kelly’s Personal Website Post: Arduino Wifly MINI)


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